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.Wednesday, November 18, 2009@8:44 AM.

I've moved to onsugar .
I'll be updating there . My blog's dead for the moment .


.Tuesday, November 17, 2009@7:29 AM.

Fuck blogger man , i swear . Pathetic sungguh !

Seems like i can't upload pictures , still . Tsk !
Yesterday , had dance . Dance was hell fun . Talking & cracking jokes with GRX can make me go real crazy , i swear . Especially Fizaay . Lets dance like a HULK & oh , greeeeeen eh greeen . Kan Fizaay ? HAHAHA *inside joke*

It was sucha waste Eqa wasnt with us the time we talked about all that . But Eqa already knows , kan Eqa ? ^^
Waaaaah , i'm really glad that we could get along .
Now , i'm loving GRX more & more . & I'm looking forward for every practice with them :D
Wheeeeeeeeeeee ~ Can't wait for tomorrow . Gonaa dance like a HULK again & crack jokes with Fizaay & Yani again ! HAHAHA .

* Boy , iloveyou so much . Thanks for everything . I hope what we could last & face all the obstacles that gonna come between us .


.Sunday, November 15, 2009@8:47 AM.

Oh god , please cure blogger as soon as possible !

Tried to sleep but i can't see the reason why i can't get to sleep.
Aunty's friend came by a few minutes ago .
She brought me a box of pizza . Thank you makcik ! (:

Dance later at three . I hope everything will be fine this Saturday .
& to those supporters who are wondering where Dance Xplosion4 will be held , here are some details .

Venue: Open field beside Hougang Hub
Time: 8.30am-6.30pm

But from what i know , dance items will only start at 2 . Yeah , so see you guys there .

15119 *


.Friday, November 6, 2009@7:40 PM.

Oh my , blogger's still mad . I promise to upload every pictures that i owed you guys ^^
Recently , many things happened but i'm just not bothered to elaborate more .
But anyway , thanks for the advices you guys gave , loves (':

To you , i don't care anymore . I've had enough of all these shits .
You should have told me in the first place so not to make me wait and wait for you like a stupid fool . Now , i hate everything about you . Hearing your name being called already makes me wanna blow up ! So yeah , what goes around , will eventually comes around .

That's it , i need to get going and bathe and get ready .
Takecare loves (:


.Sunday, November 1, 2009@8:45 AM.

Yesterday , LFC performed .
It was okay .
Pictures i owed you guys will be uploaded once blogger is back to normal .

* I texted you , you ignored .
Is this telling me that you're ignoring me too ? )':


.Tuesday, October 27, 2009@10:48 AM.

Aye , blogger is still being such an ass .

I'll still update as to keep my blog alive .

& to my favourite boy , i'm seriously tired of fighting over a small matter .
You know that i really love you .
The 'together' in us has changed .
And i really wonder why . Could it be me ? Or could it be time ?
Could this be the end of the line ?
No more loving messages , no more late nights calls .
& i'm seating by the window , staring at the open air .
Thinking about us . What did i do wrong ? Why were you so mean ?
The feeling's just died . I don't feel faith is on our side .
Why did you create all these fights ? You know i won't leave without saying goodbye .
Wish it was easy to say I Love You . But there's still many things for me to do .
You said you loved me , but you're not showing that you really do )':

Enough , that will do . I'm sorry for not updating 'cause i'm being very
busy lately with work & dance .
Competition in less than a month & we still have lots of catching up to do .
Work is tiring for me , but what to do .
Performance this Saturday & i can only make it on Friday for practice .
Oh my , schedule's being real tight & clashes all over .
I'm sorry LFC .

Pictures will be uploaded as soon as blogger's back to normal .
Will be going to school tomorrow to meet up with teacher .
Afterwhich , will be heading for work .

Well , that's it . I'd better get going & sleep .
Tomorrow's gonna be a long day .

Loves , <3


.Tuesday, October 20, 2009@8:32 AM.

Blogger's being such a pain in the ass right now .
I'll update when blogger's totally fine .
Goodnight loves .

* Boy , i miss you damn much <3

Your SuperGirl ;

SharifahErikaa .
16 years of life & currently waiting for N Levels results .
Dancing with dearest crew , Lil Fusion Crew .
Hate me all you want 'cause i'm still me .
You can't change the way I am .
I live the way i want to & I don't need you to judge me .
Girlfriends & Guyfriends are most needed in my life
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